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We support several good initiatives around the environment and animal welfare, which we find particularly important. We believe that together we can make a difference and therefore choose to support the following organisations.

You can read briefly about them here, but feel free to visit their websites for more information.

Ecologi - climate positive workforceEcologi

From the organisation:
"Our collective home is in the process of being turned totally upside down which is leading to strife for almost all life on Earth.

We know it’s preventable. And we know it’s not going to save itself.

So, it is up to us to solve it. But what levers can we pull? Reducing our carbon footprint is entirely necessary, but the transition of change is far slower than the time we have remaining.

The tools that we associate with fighting climate change are inadequate. What if that changed and the billions of us who care became empowered?"

You can follow our contribution on their site:

We offset our carbon footprint via Ecologi

Or visit https://ecologi.com

Campaign Against Canned HuntingCampaign Against Canned Hunting

From the organisation:
"Breeding lions for hunters - canned hunting - was first revealed in all its horror on ITV's acclaimed "The Cook Report" 25 years ago. The programme's hard-hitting exposés led to many criminal convictions and a number of changes in law.

Sadly ... not for South Africa's canned lions. Lion farming for canned hunting continued to be legal in South Africa, despite international outrage."

Campaign Against Canned Hunting

Visit their site at http://www.cannedlion.org

Drakenstein Lion ParkLion Rescue

From the organisation:
"Drakenstein Lion Park was established in 1998 to provide lions in distress with sanctuary, where they could live in safety, free from abuse and persecution, and be treated with the compassion and respect they deserved.

The Park is actively involved in improving the quality of life of lions in captivity, locally as well as internationally, either by offering these animals a lifetime home or working in conjunction with other animal welfare organizations to secure a safe future for individual animals in dire need.

The Park is not involved in commercial breeding or trade and offers lifetime care to all of it’s animals. All the animals brought to the Park are captive bred / hand reared and cannot be rehabilitated to the wild."

Visit their site at https://lionrescue.org.za

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