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With today’s large open plan office environments, below are some thoughts of how to improve your office space to reduce the potential spread of infections such as coronavirus.

We need to think about 'social distancing' as office screens, partitions and spacing when making a better working environment today.

Use glass partitioning to screen off reception areas from the main office space. Using glass means you will not lose the feeling of space or natural light. We can also convert existing counter areas to create safer interaction barrier protection – see a ‘BEFORE and AFTER’ picture to the right.

Create meeting rooms immediately adjacent to the reception area so that visitors do not have to go into the vicinity of the main office.

Create drop-off points immediately adjacent to the reception area where parcel deliveries and post can be left for a de-contamination period, prior to be taken into the office environment.

Create additional cellular offices and screening between banks of desks for Social Distancing purposes and to reduce the spread of coronavirus and other airborne viruses.

Breakout areas can also be screened off without doors to reduce the need for touching door handles therefore reducing the potential of infection.

Warehouse & Showroom areas can also have completely self-contained partitioned working areas.

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